Social Media marketing is a platform that offers a variety of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts, allowing brands to put their products and services in front of the massive audience. 


We don’t just do Facebook and Instagram – we offer what we call Facebook Premium.  This means your ads go across:


Facebook & Instagram’s News Feed

Facebook Audience Network (the #1 native mobile ad exchange in the world)

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook & Instagram Stories


Did you know News Feed Ads can be?


Carousel Ads (up to 10 images)

Collection Ads (multiple images and full screen landing page)

Event Response Ads

Job Listing Ads

Branded Content Ads


We can also show your ads to people on Facebook that you want to target from a list of emails you have by creating a Custom Audience.


Facebook & Instagram Facts:  68% of adults say they use Facebook and 35% say they use Instagram, which makes those platforms the #1 and #2 social sites in every adult demographic from 18+.  Source: Pew Research Center, Social Media Use Jan. 2018


Top Reasons to Use Our Facebook Premium and Instagram Ads Today!


  • Convert new customers and Retarget those who have yet to buy, across ALL Facebook platforms
  • Place ads on the largest mobile native network in the world, Facebook Audience Network.
  • Target potential candidates for recruitment with a Job Listing News Feed Ad
  • Promote your event with an Event Response News Feed Ad
  • Maximize thousands of demographic and geographic targeting techniques
  • Get instant access to client data in our 24-7 online reporting portal
  • Ability to match an email or phone database to customers’ Facebook accounts and target just those people with ads
  • Lookalike Audience targeting takes an advertiser’s customer database and finds new matching customer profiles
  • Track when potential customers convert on your website


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